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Highlighted Myocarditis Reports

All ages under 20

VAERS_ID: 1141993

AGE: 19
At 2-8-21 at approximately 1:00pm I recieved my 2nd shot. At 5:00am on 2-9-21, I woke up experiencing an extreme headache, nausea, body aches, and severe chest pain. I checked my heartrate with a PulseOximeter and found it to be elevated at 105-115. I called out of work and rested in bed for the day. On 2-10-21 most of my symptoms had subsided however the chest pain persisted through 2-11-21. On 2-11-21 at 2:00pm, I visited the Urgent Care. While there, the provider ran an ECG, Chest X-Ray, and bloodwork. Test results showed Troponin levels in my blood had reached critical levels of 7.72ng/ml. I was immediately transported to the ER at the Hospital, where upon arrival they did an EKG and bloodwork. I was then admitted and seen by a cardiologist, who ordered an CT Angiogram, more bloodwork, and an Echocardiogram. After I was admitted, my mother contact the nurses station to check on me and asked what was wrong. She was then told the hospital was treating me for an NSTEMI and Myocarditis. This resulted in a 3 day hospital stay where the results of the tests showed there was nothing wrong with my heart other than the increased Troponin levels. It should be noted that I have had ZERO previous cardiac issues, or any other significant health issues. I was discharged from the hospital with lower but still elevated Troponin levels, and told to follow up with my primary care doctor. I had no health issues and felt fine until I had my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. I have copies of my hospital records detailing all of this.

VAERS_ID: 1172292

AGE: 19
Received Jansen COVID injection at approximately 11am 4/3/2021. Developed sore left arm, shoulder, and neck approximately 10 pm evening of 4/3/2021. Woke up 3:30am 4/4/2021 and informed parents he did not feel well-awake most of that night. Felt slightly better morning of 4/4/2021, but continued feeling feverish, pain in arms, shoulders, neck. Approximately 8pm Sunday night 4/4/21 he stated he felt it was hard to breath, chest pain, and his arms felt like they were on fire. Was taken to ER at Clinic. Blood pressure 149/98, temp 100.6 complain of feeling feverish and short of breath. EKG was taken which was abnormal and enzymes noted to be elevated. Transferred to main branch of Clinic approximately 4:30am 4/5/2021. Father states patient has inflammation around the heart. Had a cardiac catheterization today 4/6/2021-father states that was normal and patient was started on medication to reduce inflammation around his heart. Patients father states that patient was very drowsy from his catheterization and was fine with his father telling me the events as they occured. As I was speaking with patient father, patient was going down for a MRI of the heart. This information was conveyed to me by father and mother. Patient is a college student and was home for Easter break. Patient currently remains hospitalized in Clinic and father thought he would remain hospitalized until Thursday 4/8/2021 depending on test results and his response to treatment. Both parents state they are willing to be contacted for further information.

VAERS_ID: 1231560

AGE: 17
On 4/17/21 (ie within 48 hours of receiving COVID 19 Pfizer Shot #2 (4/15/21), my daughter began experiencing chest pain in the PM (PM of 4/17). It was initially mild so we did a watch and wait overnight but when it did not go away by morning of 4/18/21 we went to Urgent Care . Upon presentation at urgent care, she had an irregular EKG, we were advised to immediately do to a Hospital ER , upon arrival she presented with same EKG findings from urgent care, BW was run and her troponin level was a 7, this hospital recommended (after consultation with their cardiologist) that based on her age and urgency of the heart condition, we should be transported to a pediatric hospital with cardiology expertise. She was transported by ambulance to another Hospital, Cardiology Unit. . After a scary 24 hour overnight stay at the hospital she was released on 4/19/21.

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