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Confirmation Comes That Indeed There Are Two Sets of Books

Published on
17 November 2023

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Have you seen it yet?! This week, The BMJ published an investigative report titled “Is the US’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System broken?” ( by Jennifer Block. It was picked up by Jeffrey Tucker, Children's Health Defense, The Epoch Times, and Robert Malone among many others. Our message of the last 3 years has finally broken through! There are two sets of books — the actual VAERS data (that are hidden) and the truncated data that are available to the public through CDC WONDER. 

To our knowledge, OpenVAERS was the first to raise concerns about this deceptive bookkeeping system by the CDC. The BMJ article, while not mentioning them directly, was also built on the backs of the tireless work of Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr. Josh Guetzkow, Steve Kirsch, Del Bigtree, Aaron Siri and more. 

In the article Ms. Block skeptically relates how Dr. Narayan Nair, Division Director for Division of Pharmacovigilance at FDA, admits to there being public facing data and the real data but he excuses that because it would be identifying if they released the rest:

“There’s two parts to VAERS, the front end system and the back end . . . Anything derived from medical records by law” can’t be posted on the public facing system. The CDC has told The BMJ that “protecting patient confidentiality is a priority.”

Dr. Nair however is clearly not telling the truth. As Ms. Block points out, at least two FDA postmarketing surveillance programs release all their updated information to the public: 

“the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS), which collects reports on drugs, does maintain a publicly accessible database that gets updated, as does the agency’s Medical Device Reporting system—raising the question of why VAERS can’t do the same. Neither the CDC nor the FDA provided an explanation.”

Also, as we have pointed out repeatedly, race, pregnancy, and the report provider are not identifying nor are they any more part of “medical records” than the age or sex fields provided in VAERS(Wonder).

There is no justification for this (and of course the FDA/CDC did not have one). It is technically possible to supply this information to the public and independent researchers. The fact that they have the technical wherewithal to do it but not the desire can be seen by their specifically telling General Dynamics Information Technology (in their update contract), NOT to do it.

VAERS data are too important to be hidden inside a bureaucracy with no oversight. We have an NTSB as an independent body to protect flight safety without a conflict of interest. Why would we do less for vaccine safety? We call upon our legislators to Open…VAERS. Release ALL the data! Allow for transparency and public scrutiny. 

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